Marcel Pom-Chips

Instructions :

Use a Chips (or Crisps) bag made of "aluminium" mylar or thick plastic in order to obtain a rigid "sail". If you use different chips bag, except bacon ones, you must calculate new dimensions in proportion. Nevetheless, turn down small bags and short ones : the length must be 25% as long as the width.
The 2 spars are bamboo (or wood) sticks for skewers : diameter 2-3 mm.
You need tape and sewing thread too.

A. Circumference = 38 cm
B. The transversal stick of the front of the kite is taped at its 2 tips.
C. Stick length = 13,5 cm.
D. Bag length = 26 cm.
E. Distance = 10 cm.
F. Distance of the main line from the front = 5 cm. Strengthen the fixing by tape.
G. Line of the kite made of sewing thread.
H. The longitudinal stick inside the kite is taped at its 2 tips.
I. You can add a tail 2-3 meter long at this point. Use thin carrier bag (food-market bag) that you cut into strips 3-5 cm width.
J. The end of the bag is open.
Fly in wind 2 to 6 Beaufort strength.
You may need an assistant for the take off.
If your kite turns, check for creases of the "sail"; otherwise, add a tail.

Happy Flying !



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